June 20, 2012 – Reflections on the Duluth Floods

First, from Ryan Adams’ new album, the opening lyrics to “Dirty Rain.”

Last time I was here it was raining,
It ain’t raining anymore,
Streets were drowning, the water’s laming
All the ruins washed ashore

Now I’m just looking through the rubble
Try to find out who we were
Last time I was here it was raining
It ain’t raining anymore

The previous two shots were the approach to the bridge at Jay Cooke, where we drove a couple weeks ago – ground level and aerial.  This all hits pretty close to home, so to speak. We are fresh off a visit to many of the places that were hit, Duluth is my hometown, and I still have many friends and family in the area.

Here’s the town (Moose Lake) about 40 miles south of Duluth where I gassed up the camp 15 passenger van for canoe and bike trips.

The paddle and boat up to gas stations and ATMs never gets old!

Here’s a wonderful old, historic swinging bridge in Jay Cooke State park.

This link shows many photos of the bridge in calmer times.

Photo Credits (in order of appearance)
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Bobby Wright