June 4, 2012 – Back to the Beginning/Circle of Life

By all outward appearances, this photo is rather unremarkable. What’s really remarkable is the young boy in the picture. Or rather, how the young boy came to be.

About 32 years ago, somewhere very close to where this boy stood, was an old camp dining hall. All that remains now is the stone fireplace. In the dining hall was where his father first set eyes on his mother, (although she did not notice him that day – that wouldn’t happen until months later in another chance meeting in a calculus class at the University of MN-Duluth). The young boy is standing at approximately the spot where this first encounter happened. Happy Martin! (and Claire and Emma as well).

Part of a challenge course out in the woods.

Martin tries to figure out how this challenge works

A small climbing wall, part of the group challenge.

A lrger rock climbing wall, rare because it is guarded by goats!

While it was “work day” at camp, the staff had activities for the kids, so among other things, Martin got to try his hand at archery.

Part of the seasonal barn and horse corral.

One of the directors while i was there, Mr. Jeff Palmer, on hand for the work day and dedication of a new nature trail.

One stop on the nature trail is right in camp, these two different species of pines, apparently joined at the ground.

Another view of the pines.  I was able to spend a good part of the day staining a cabin and catching up with friends I hadn’t seen for many years.

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