January 2, 2012 – Claire’s Caucus Quest

As Claire was running out things to do at home with all her college friends gone away and most of her high school friends on a band trip to Florida, she thought it might be educational to visit all the Republican candidates running around in pre-caucus-mode.  In the matter of a few days, she was able to see four of them in Marshalltown, and was able to make a trip to Cedar Rapids to pick the last two in an afternoon.

newt gingrich iowa, newt and callista gingrich, rock with your caucus out, student with gingrich

Interesting juxtaposition of Claire’s t-shirt and political candidate!.

roan paul iowa caucuses

Claire with everyone’s favorite grandpa politician.

According to Claire, warm monster cookies provided by the Romney camp might be enough to swing anyone’s vote!

Rick Perry speaking to what he knows about in Marshalltown.

michelle bachmann iowa, michelle bachman with student

Claire with the only other declared female presidential candidate.

Rick Santorum live on the campaign trail. All in all, a good week for a poly-sci major to see candidates in action.