November 7, 2011 – Wind Turbine-Raising at Night

Now that is is dark before dinnertime, today we noticed that one of the new wind towers to the south was illuminated.  It looked rather cool from a distance, a massive gleaming white tower, looking like an Atlas rocket, growing out of where there was nothing a few days ago.

So we ate dinner, and after dinner tasks and thought we’d drive down to see how close we’d get and to measure just how far they were from our house.

When we arrived, we were in for a surprise.  We could get fairly close and at first it looked like they were raising a blade with the crane, but then realized it was all three blades at once going up together.

The blade assembly slowly lifted into the night air.

The crane must have been about 300 feet tall.  Each of the more horizontal blades also had support guy wires on them

Finally, in the dark, calm of the evening, punctuated only by the sound of the crane winch, the blade assembly was in place.  This tower is 2.8 miles south and a mile east of our place.