October 15, 2011 – Claire’s In the State

At least I think she is – she came home late Monday night/Tuesday morning and then used the one of the high hopes rental fleet and drove to Des Moines for the week for the World Food Prize activities.

Here she is on a shopping mission to Wal-Mart, a place she seldom if ever steps into, so she made sure to learn from the now famous Wal-Mart fashion tip she read on the internet:

Claire had a week of volunteering and attending events.  She marveled at the new Hall of Laureates, which saved the old Des Moines downtown public library from the wrecking ball.

The building hopes to meet LEED Platinum standard – among other things, it maintained the character of the old building and new by covering the roof with solar panels, invisible from the street.

one year ago…”Claire Back in Town for World Food Prize Events”