August 8, 2011 – Emma Returns from Boston

While we were in the Boundary Water, Emma had a much different experience – in and around Boston.

She was a youth leader on a church trip to Boston, to the roots of the Unitarian Universalists and founding fathers (many of them both!). This is the first Universalist church in the US, in Gloucester.

They visited some historical sites important to the beginnings of the church in the US.

They also took in other historical sites, like the with this guide on the Freedom Trail – evidently, if he had to choose, he would choose Emma!

They lounged in the fountains at Frog Pond in Boston Common, bordered by Beacon Street, and next to UU headquarters.

They enjoyed a high-speed, choppy ocean whale-watching (and barf watch as well).

A visit and swim in Walden Pond was also on the agenda.

Finally, who could turn down this wonderful seafood pizza in Boston?

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