August 5, 2011 – Camping on Winchell Lake

Our next night was on Winchell Lake.  Winchell is a long lake, about five miles long with steep elevation on the south side, fronting the Misquah Hills.

boy with backpack

Martin was a trooper on the portages.  On the first portage he asked if he could take this backpack.  He hauled it all 14 portages on the trip over 700 rods, a bit over two miles.

boys fishing

Here, the boys are waiting for the fish to stop by on their lines.  In the background, a fire relatively recently passed through, thus all the dead trees.  The fire jumped the lake and kept going.

boy with smallmouth bass

The fishing paid off – here Martin shows two of the fish he caught for a fresh dinner!

winchell lake float

There’s not much that’s more relaxing than floating in the middle of a northern lake on a warm day.  The temps were in the mid-80’s which is a tad warm for this area, but the humidity was low, so it was still pleasant.

winchell lake campsite

The boys getting ready to start a fire – always a popular past-time.

duluth pack in tree

This site had a great bear tree.  The pack is hung up for the day, relatively safe from critters stealing the food at night.

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