August 4, 2011 – Wilderness Journey Begins Up the Gunflint at Poplar Lake

We left Tettegouche and had final stops in Grand Marais for last minute groceries, permits, bait and the like and hit the water by about noon.  We took off from Poplar Lake, where the other duo rented a canoe.

Here we are, moments before we head out.

Here’s the route – we had no specific plan, but the white is the route we ended up taking – Poplar to Lizz to Caribou to Horseshoe for night one camp.  Then off to Gaskin to Winchell for 2nd night camp.  Then from Winchell to Omega to Henson to Gaskin for 3rd night camp.  Finally last day from Gaskin to Jump to Allen to Horseshoe to Caribou to Lizz to Poplar.

Lizz Lake, our official BWCA entry point.

Martin manning the bow.

James, my Dad partner on the trip enjoying a cup o’ morning on Horseshoe Lake.

Martin manning the breakfast griddle with a pancake almost ready to go!

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3 thoughts on “August 4, 2011 – Wilderness Journey Begins Up the Gunflint at Poplar Lake

  1. Not jealous at all. Today is day #40 of 100 + degree days. Nope, no desire whatsoever to be up there.

  2. Hey I know them. Hayden was in my son’s class and on his soccer team until we moved to Nevada. Small world.

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