July 19, 2011 – Cleanup Begins

OK, so this isn’t my greatest moment, but ‘ll share anyways.

These massive ruts are from getting the tractor unstuck.  I was hauling branches out to the burn pile and was turning around with an empty wagon, on a part of the field not usually soft.  You can see that I was in no manner near the bottom wet part of the pasture (and you can see my original unstuck path coming in on the upper right of the picture).  At any rate, The JD 2510 broke through the sod and that was about it.

Descending into a realm of quagmire and muck.  Once the initial rut started, the only way out was straight back, towards the low spot. It was the first time I’ve been on the farm that I buried the tractor.  It’s a bit of a helpless feeling.  Thankfully a neighbor stopped with his Bobcat by to see how we were doing as he was taking a break from cleaning up at his place.  By a combination of using the loader bucket to push the tractor back a few feet at a time, we eventually got it close enough to solid ground that we could hook a chain up to it and pull it out.

I hadn’t realized that some branches the thickness of a man’s thigh had found their way into the adjacent field.

Unloading branches on one of the many bonfire piles.

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