July 18, 2011 – Damage in the Neighborhood

Now that we’ve had a chance to get our feet back under ourselves, we’ve toured the damage to our neighbors.

destroyed barn

This is the barn, or what’s left of it, of a farm pretty much due west of us.

barn storm damage

Another view.

marshall county storm damage

This is the barn at the farm directly north of us, about 1/4 mile.

haverhill grain elevator, haverhill coop

These are a couple of the brand new 300,000 bushel grain bins at the elevator in Haverhill, about 4 miles east of us.

Here are some of the old bins from the same place. I’m feeling very fortunate that due to the vagaries of the wind and landscape, all of our buildings survived. I’m also feeling good that all the new roofs I put on the outbuildings remain intact, at least for winds from the NW.

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