July 11, 2011 – Maizy’s Storm Report

Oh boy, will my owners be surprised when they return from vacation in about a week!

marshall county storm damage

First, they’ll have a hard time even getting in the driveway.

They’ll know from a mile or two away that the profile of their farm has changed – at least six of the white pines and spruces along the road had their tops snapped off and tossed into the gardens.

Another big spruce down by the propane tank.

Another top of a tree up by the propane tank.

The first few tops blown into the bottom garden and crushing a bean trellis.

More tops tossed in the middle garden.

Some more in the top garden.

Some more in the perennial flower garden.

I was afraid my doghouse would blow away, so I sought shelter under this car.  My chain got caught under the tire, but in a panic, I was able to slip out of my collar and run away!

The place for relaxing on the patio is not so much now.

This stock tank received another top of a tree – guess it might be a used as a raised bed container now!

Wasn’t I cool to get my own picture in this one!  I don’t think this tree understands that windbreak doesn’t mean to break in the wind!

The turbine was spared, just the top of this tree on some guy wires.

The area in the chicken yard is a mangled mess.

Two peach trees down here.

A big apple tree down here.  I can’t count very well, but counted three peach trees, an apple, a cherry, and a plum tree down.  They won’t be very happy about this.  Only five days until they come home!

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