June 27, 2011 – Emma Visits St. Olaf

Emma’s 2nd college visit was to St. Olaf in Northfield, MN.

buntrock commons

It was very kind of them to put up a banner to welcome Emma to the visit day!

St Olaf Dining Hall

I can totally see how this dining hall might be decorated like the Great Hall in Harry Potter.

St. Olaf Lunch

I’m thinking it might be worthwhile to go back to college for four years, just to get meals like this every day.

Regents Hall Atrium

The Regents Science hall is one of the most impressive college campus buildings I’ve ever seen. It’s Leed certified and has abundant natural light. This is one of the corner atriums.

Regents Rooftop Garden

It has rooftop access to look out over the surrounding countryside and sit for a spell.

classic college building

In addition to the new buildings, it’s got some older ones to maintain the character of the place.

stained glass hockey stick, st olaf stained glass hockey stick

Rumor has it the yellow object in the center and middle of the stained glass behind the alter in the chapel is a hockey stick. Way to go Oles!

An amazingly relaxing place to sit is under the wind chime carillon.

Just a bit of the sound from the structure.

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