May 13, 2011 – Claire’s Back

Now that Claire’s back, we get to shake up the menu a bit by adding Indian dishes to the rotation.

Tonight she made naan, a bean-carrot fry, a spinach potato curd curry, and a type of rice pudding.┬á We’ll let her cook anytime! It gave me occasion to try out a whole new series of puns, some of which have very small audiences. First, it’s the early 90’s band “4 Naan Blondes,” or the pile of naan that have sight, smell, and touch, or “Naansense,” of the newspaper headline after the 747 takeoff was aborted after encountering a pile of naan on the runway “Naan Stop Flight.” The family has had enough groaning, so I’ll stop there!

one year ago…”Thingamajig Thursday #208″