May 10, 2011 – Unintentional Demolition!

After yesterday’s granary demolition, I’ve got a story of a not-so-happy demolition. Motored up to St. Paul to pick up Claire after year one at Macalester was over.┬á She’s got about a month at home before heading to DC for her summer internship with the USDA.

So on the way home on I-35 in southern Minnesota, one of the electronic signs warns “Accident Ahead – 3 miles. As we approach the site we can’t make out what has happened – I say – “It’s to big for a rolled over semi.” Claire offers, “It’s a billboard.” When we reach the scene, it is half of a modular house impaled sideways on a guard rail on an interstate overpass. The truck and trailer were short ways down the road. The house had evidently blown off the trailer.

I can imagine the call they needed to make to the homeowner, expecting to move into their new house in a few days – it could have gone at least a couple of directions.

“Sir, the good news is that half of your house is in place and bolted to the foundation.”
“How do you feel about moving to a great location just outside Faribault Minnesota at a site with easy access to the interstate?” Sorry, no pictures.

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