February 8, 2011 – Claire’s Lemon Meringue Pie

OK, it’s back to Iowa farm-grown produce.  Today, we feature lemons. I neglected to post these back over Christmas break, when the lemon harvest began in earnest.

cut lemons

Yes, these lemons were grown at High Hopes Gardens, albeit indoors for some of the year.

Claire shows no remorse shortly after ripping these baby lemons from her long-time companion lemon tree, named Panda.  Being raised on a farm, and around farm animals, I guess she had no troubles tearing this lemon from its mother and immediately cutting it up.

The non-meringuey part of the pie.

lemon meringue pie

The completed pie.

Never one to know when to stop making Panda feeling bad, here Claire returns with a sinister smile to taunt Panda with what her babies looked like after being knifed, crushed, and cooked!

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