February 4, 2011 – Emma Buries the Subaru!

Sorry, no pictures of the scene, I was at work when everything went down. Imagine this – a country road, a squad car with lights flashing, a mother mad at you for venturing out without a hat and mittens, and another neighbor there with a pickup plowing a path out and then towing you out. I’m sure it wasn’t Emma’s best trip to school.

The storm had left drifts on the road, but one lane had been plowed. At the first hill a hundred yards or so from our place, the story goes, Emma drove into the banks as to avoid a car that may or may not be cresting the hill at the same time. She ended up burying the car in a big drift. Now, I saw the gleam in her eyes when she arrive home a few days earlier and marveled at the ease of driving through the drifts on the way home from school shortly after the storm hit. So, if she’s anything like her father, the drifts on the hill may have been an attractive nuisance and called her name. But all’s well that ends well, she was only a few hundred feet from home and was retrieved in short order, although not with fanfare and blinking cop car lights for ambiance!

one year ago…”Thingamajig Thursday #194″