February 27, 2011 – This Old Shed

We’ve descended into a dreary, cold and borderline icy low stratus/fog weather period. We were going to go hear Michael Perry (Coop, Truck – a Love Story, and Population 485 ) speak tonight, but the roads seemed a bit dodgy to drive 45 minutes both ways. We did go to a panel discussion about literary agents and editors yesterday, part of a writing symposium at ISU – the panel consisted to agents, and editors from Milkweed Press, and Orion magazine.

So what we did do was head down to the pasture to keep hacking away at deconstructing the old granary.

Inside there are some nice boards that will be beautiful once they are planed down a bit.

Most of the nails are the old square-headed type. We’re saving as many as we can, especially the interior nails which are still in pretty good shape.

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February 26, 2011 – Humorous Freecycle Postings

If you’re not a member of your local freecycle group, it’s a great place to find a home for things you no longer want, but know someone can use. A plus for me  are the email messages that make you smile. There have been a couple in particular the last month that have caused me to crack a smile.

[marshallcountyiafreecycle] OFFER:4 Jars of Grape Jelly
I have 4 jars of grape jelly. Only serious takers only. Need to get rid of ASAP. Email me back if you want them.

(I hate to think of what might happen if these aren’t gone ASAP!  I also worry about people emailing who aren’t serious about the grape jelly and just jerk her around and ask if she might have raspberry jam instead of grape jelly)

Or this one:
[marshallcountyiafreecycle] Offer: one Night stand (Marshalltown)

(This one might have attracted the wrong kind of attention – it’s not often night stands are separated like this)

Enough of the freecycle. On another note, isn’t it curious that the day after our visit to the Accordion European restaurant, the “year ago” is entitled “Accordion Skywalk Player.” Just must be something about this time of year and accordions!

one year ago…”Accordion Skywalk Player”

February 25, 2011 – Belated Valentines Day Dinner

Monday night didn’t seem like such a good night to go out for Valentine’s Day, and tonight was the first night that Emma could watch Martin for us to get out.  Where to go?  How about the “Accordion European Restaurant?”

When I first proposed a visit to this restaurant in Valley Junction in old West Des Moines, Linda asked if I looked up a food review.  My response was “any restaurant whose web site has in broken English “We have live music performance every night” and brags about “extended accordion show” doesn’t need a review of the food!

I’m assuming this is Sergey Lozovich.  In the Des Moines Register, under type of music it is listed as “alternative.”  Sergey was also the cook, and when there was a break, he would come out and play a bit.  He had a this button accordion and a Hoehner with the keys on one side.

It was a nice meal with some European brew and some food you usually don’t get.

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February 24, 2011 – Thingamajig Thursday #247

Here’s this week’s thingamajig Thursday. Guess where this is.  Some of my co-workers may find it a bit ironic, given an incident that an ex-president dodged in a foreign land.

Also check out the last thingamajig answer.

As always, put your guess in a comment below.

Look for the answer in the comments after next week’s thingamajig is posted.

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