January 25, 2011 – First Aid Kit

I’ll admit, it’s the middle of the winter, things are quiet on the farm, and we’re all hunkered down inside. So, you can expect some far-ranging posts until the farm warms up.

While I was working away doing the equivalent of spring housecleaning on the computer, I was streaming old World Cafe and All Songs Considered episodes.

That’s when I ran across First Aid Kit.  No, not a medical helper, but a couple of teenage sisters from Sweden. When they were 15 and 17 they headed to the woods with a guitar and did a cover version of a song by Fleet Foxes.  Nearly 2 million youtube hits later, they have a recording contract.  Here’s another song by First Aid Kit in the Swedish forest.

Their sisterly harmonies are delightful and family knitter Linda is particularly enamored with their sweaters and fingerless gloves. So, one thing leads to another, they get selected as a showcase artist for South By Southwest in Austin Texas, start getting love on NPR radio shows and suddenly they are on high hopes gardens blog. They have arrived!

They’ve got a bit of Scandinavian quirkiness that must appeal to me with my authentic Swedish surname. I particularly like that the parents of these girls “made” them endure long hikes in the woods as well.

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