January 23, 2011 – Local Food Momentum Building

A couple items of note slipped by notice on the blog last week.  First, was the unveiling of the Iowa Food and Farm plan to the public.  I went to the session and it was well attended by the public and the media, with print and TV media in attendance.  About a half-hour into the program, the lights went out in the building where the briefing was being held – so I guess you could say we’re still all in the dark about local foods – but one of the farmers in attendance had  a flashlight, so the speakers could read their remarks.

The other event was the initial meeting/meal of the new “Harvest from the Heart of Iowa” local food group centered in Marshall County .  Over one hundred residents and farmers showed up for the local meal and election of officers.  It was nice to see so much local momentum for the group.

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