December 15, 2010 – Picking up Claire

Today I ventured to St. Paul to pick up Claire.  The section of road between Clear Lake and Owatonna was particularly slick.

snowy I-35

There was the usual assemblage of cars in the ditch, an SUV driver’s door down on the pavement in the middle of the interstate, and most rare of sightings was a truck towing another vehicle with a solid towbar in the oncoming lane.  The truck lost control on the ice and starting doing a dosi-doe around each other, still attached.  They did a couple of spins around, the semi trucks behind them shuddering as they tried to stop.  Fortunately, the truck and towed car ended up facing the wrong direction on the shoulder as the trucks passed on by.  We arrived home safely, now Claire is safely tucked in back home after her first semester is complete.

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