October 15, 2010 – Claire Back in Town for World Food Prize Events

Along with the other 15 Borlaug-Ruan interns in the good seats at the World Food Prize Laureate Ceremony, Claire smiled at the news during the ceremony that U.S. Agriculture Secretary Vilsack appointed these 16 young women and men Wallace-Carver as interns at a USDA office and will bring them to Washington D.C. for another week of learning and interacting with USDA staff in addition to the internship.

The details aren’t yet fleshed out, but Claire is quite pleased! (This photo was grabbed off the TV broadcast of the ceremony, available to view any time on Iowa Public Television.)

Before the ceremony they made all kinds of preparations at the Iowa State Capital Building.

Earlier in the day, the participants at the youth institute packaged 24,000 meals.

Looks like they had some time for fun as well..

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