September 29, 2010 – I’ve Been Hauling a lot of @#$% Lately

Where’s Mark been? I’ve been hauling a lot of stuff lately.

It all started when we agreed to temporarily store some shelving for the MCC farm manager last fall until the new incubator building was enclosed, then wait until it was complete, then wait until the dedication, then wait, well, I couldn’t wait until the next wait – with our garage torn down, I needed some more space, so started loading, hauling, and unloading a small grocery store’s worth of loizier shelving.  Fortunately, fuel pellets were on sale, so it was not a wasted trip.  All the shelving is now removed – about 9 trips to town, and 230 bags of wood pellets hauled back to the farm – two tons tucked in the basement and two and a half tons in the shed – they were on sale, so I wanted to get as much of a winter’s supply as possible.  With corn flirting around $5 bushel, the pellets are a better deal this winter.  I’ve also been hauling a bit of hay, but have more of that to fetch.

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