September 27, 2010 – Google Maps Might not Show the Best Route!

Thanks to Claire for pointing out this new feature of Google maps.  I put in I wanted to go from Des Moines to China.  By george, it did it – taking me over as much land as possible.  It included a 2,756 mile kayak to Hawaii, then overland in Hawaii, then a 3,879 mile kayak from Hawaii to Japan, overland in Japan, and finally a break from kayaking as it suggested a short 486 mile jet ski from Japan to China!  The route is 11,124 miles and it should take 38 days and one hour according to Google.

I think the time calculation must not take into account carrying your kayak and jet ski overland across Hawaii and your jet ski overland in Japan.  That’s got to add a week to the trip! Who’s going to be the first one to try this and then have their family sue Google after the kayak overturns in Puget Sound and drowns the poor sap trying to kayak to China!

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