September 14, 2010 – Dear Blank…

Dear Vegetarians,

Please stop eating all our food.

Sincerely, the herbivores
Dear New York,

Way to be creative about your name.

Sincerely, York, England
Dear Fantasy Football,

You should rebrand yourself as a contraceptive.

Sincerely, Lonely Wife/Girlfriend
Dear 2012,

They Fall for it Every Time.

Sincerely, Y2K
Dear Guy Who Stole My Bike,

Thanks for leaving my helmet behind. Now if I fall down walking home, I’ll still be protected.

Sincerely, bike-less girl
Dear Joke Writers,

Please mind your own business. We should be able the cross the road without being harassed for personal information.

Sincerely, The Chicken
Dear Corn,

Please leave some room for the rest of us to grow.

Sincerely, All the world’s other domesticated plants

All these and more can be seen on Dear Blank, Please Blank – a serious time-waster of a web site that Emma showed me. If you’d like to share your own “Dear Blank, Please Blank” that just flashed through your mind, just put it in a comment!

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