August 18, 2010 – A Tale of Two Deliveries

Today there were two deliveries at high hopes. A pair of Birkenstocks for Linda delivered by Fed Ex and the package was left in the mud room attached to the house.

And this box of thin balsa-wood like unassembled berry boxes delivered (in a manner of speaking). For some reason the UPS driver thought that the best place to drop off this package on a rainy day was to leave it alongside the driveway halfway between the road and the house!  It might have been better had it been under the spruce tree!  Needless to say the thin wood was wet and some were warped and we weren’t enthused about using boxes that were wet and had a chance to mold for food – so, the true story won’t be that UPS screwed up, it will be how they respond to the screw up.

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