July 31, 2010- In Theory…

In theory, the self-closing toilet seat seemed like a good idea…

It was time to replace the toilet seat, which is generally considered as easy job. Well, the bolts holding it on were about two inches longer than they needed to be and totally rusted. The “nuts” were plastic that deformed when the needed pressure to twist them off were applied, and there was only room for about 1/4 turn at a time since the socket wouldn’t fit over the long bolt.  Hello Sawz-all!

But that’s not what we are writing about today – it’s the self closing lid.  Imagine – no more complaints about the lid left up, no more clanging of the lid as it is dropped down – seemed like a great idea until you thought about it more.

In practice, here’s what happens. If you’re male, you might start a steady stream and watch in horror as the seat and lid slowly drop, midstream so to speak. Not much better if you are a woman – you sit down and the lid drops on and starts pushing on your back as you try to relax.

self-closing toilet seat

Back to the traditional manual toilet seat.

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