July 26, 2010 – An Open Letter to the Rainmaker

Dear Rainmaker,

I feel rather powerless and inadequate in broaching this subject to you. Who am I to complain or nag about the weather? That being said, your power is unrivaled. In some regions of the country (except San Diego where the weather is usually the same from day to day) nearly every conversation begins with talk about you. Every day a portion of the nightly news is devoted to you. So, please do not take offense at my humble entreaty.

Between me and you – the rain needs to moderate. Really, enough already. In this neck of the woods, we get it. You win. Knocking out a major city’s water supply and flooding downtown Des Moines, along with filling Hilton Coliseum in Ames with water in 1993 was an attention getter. In 2008, you took out Cedar Rapids and did your best in Iowa City. Just last week, you took out a dam on the Maquoketa River. Heck, for the first time on the ride home from Minnesota, there was a road detour on a detour.

Many people have traditionally danced for you to bring rain. I’m not sure what the ritual or program is to ask the the rain not to stop, but to stop the excess. I’ll wait for inspiration. Heck, maybe a blog entry will be all it takes to appease you.


one year ago…”Garlic Harvest”