July 15, 2010 – BWCA Day 1

With the oldest two girls absent from our party this year, we were all able to make a foray into the BWCA.

Entering Lake Three

Here Emma rides the helm with her friend.  They shared a canoe and paddled with strength and confidence.

Two People in Canoe

Mike and Lori take a break in a narrows along the way to the campsite.

Lake Three Campsite

On Lake Three, near the portage to Horseshoe Lake, sits this wonderful island campsite – here’s the view from the water.

Lake Three Campsite

Here’s the view from the land.  This site offered lots of nice rocks, plentiful tent sites, and nice overlooks of the lake.

The crew assembled for a quick lunch upon landing.

One of the nice overlooks on the site.

Emma and Kate cooking their own gourmet wilderness meal!

hang food pack

And finally, a great tree to hide the food pack away from reach of hungry bears!

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One thought on “July 15, 2010 – BWCA Day 1

  1. “Are you still awake, Kate?” asks Emma
    Kate quickly replies “Yes.”
    “Did you hear something outside?!” Emma asks in a slightly frightened tone of voice.
    “YES!” Kate replies even quicker and with the same tone of fright.
    “What if it’s a bear?” Emma asks in hushed and yet still scared voice.
    “We’re dead.” Kate replies calmly.

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