July 5, 2010 – Hauling Lumber

Now that the garage is down, it’s time to put away the salvaged lumber.  There is a good amount of 2×4 and 2×6 lumber that can be reused around the farm (I’d still like to build an implement storage lean-to and a few mobile animal shelters for the pasture and…  OK, let’s stop right there.

In the meantime the lumber has to go somewhere.  I made some “lumber racks” in one side of the corn crib to be able to slide it in and out as in a a lumberyard.  My time-saving idea this time was to write the lengths on the ends before putting it away, so when I need one, I won’t have to slide many out of the pile to find a certain length.  Here they are, ready for transport to the crib.

one year ago…”Old Machine Shed Progress”