July 3, 2010 – Bee Swarm

Although there’s never a good time for a bee swarm, the day they swarmed was a particularly bad time.  We were running late getting flower and fruit orders out the door, running behind on starting to put the last 50 chickens to rest, and about to head to town to pick up the kids.  We had about 5 minutes together to deal with this.

We set up a hive, got a box to catch the bees as they dropped after cutting the branch.

We misjudged the size of the branch/swarm/box and when they fell, most of them missed the box.  I had to head to town, and they reformed even higher up a tree and while Linda waited for me to return to figure out the best way to get the next branch cut, they flew away a few minutes before I got back home with the kids.  It’s always disappointing to miss a chance at a “free” hive, but maybe next time we’ll have better luck!

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One thought on “July 3, 2010 – Bee Swarm

  1. Bummer about your swarm! After catching 5 last year (our hive kept swarming) and then losing both resulting combined hives over the winter, I was pretty over the bee thing. Until I came home on Thursday night and discovered a swarm had taken up residence in the empty hive I had lazily stored in the tractor shed. So nice to get free bees! Of course, now we have to figure out how to move the hive from the shed to the garden. I’m thinking some duct tape and help from my strong husband after dusk one night…

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