June 25, 2010 – Cherries to Food

It’s time to “do something” with the cherries. First thing is to pit them.

Pitting is the worst part of the job, but we added another pitter, so two people can work at once. At this moment it doesn’t look like the kids were suffering too much! These cherries are destined for jam and cherry pie filling.  I’ve come to love eating them off the tree, the sweet and tart must just be all full of great healthy compounds!

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June 22, 2010 – Father’s Day

For father’s day, everybody helped with garage deconstruction for a few hours.  Although it’s not a traditional gift, it beats sweaters, socks, or a tie!

Great progress was made – the trailer was filled with shingles -we almost got the whole roof stripped and started ripping off the siding as well.  Soon the eyesore will be gone.  Another day with rain – hard to keep berries and the like from molding.

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June 21, 2010 – Summer Tradition

It’s become somewhat of a tradition to send our kids to Luther College in Decorah for a week in the summer for Dorian Music camp.

This was Emma’s first year in the high school group, and by all reports, she had a great time in the mass choir, band, and drama classes. It was definitely a treat to listen to the bands and choir.

She roomed with a friend from her high school and came home very satisfied, but not so well rested!

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