June 15, 2010 – In Case of Fire

OK, so of all the photos Claire’s taken in India, the “in case of fire” sign has been most interesting to me.

I am particularly impressed with the first instruction, which is usually left off similar instructions in the US – that is to yell “AAG AAG” or “FIRE FIRE.”  Come on admit it, if you saw a fire you’d yell and scream on your way to push the fire alarm!  I’m not sure I would have thought to yell “AAG AAG,” but I’d be OK with shouting FIRE repeatedly. It also sounds interesting to try to use gunny bags as fire beaters.

These instructions are much different than those at my employer, which our only task is to get out of the building, not help anyone out.  I was really taken aback at one question at the building safety hazards class that if the fire alarms went off and the elevators were disabled, that if there was someone who was unable to walk down the stairs, that you were to leave them at the top of the stairs (six story building) and wait for the fire department to carry them out – and not try to assist them.  We were assured that the fire doors on each floor would keep them safe from the flames (let’s not worry about toxic smoke suffocating them long before the flames arrive).  No doubt, this is one case in which company policy would be violated in short order.

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