June 11, 2010 – She’s Gone to the World

Claire got on a plane today for her trip to India. Des Moines to Chicago. Chicago to Frankfurt. Frankfurt to Heyderabad. About 18 hours of flying time not counting layovers. Someone from the research center to pick her up holding a placard with her name at 11:30 pm local time.

As I went to bed, waiting for the night’s round of heavy rain and thunderstorms to arrive, I tossed in the dark of night, under a new moon, thinking of her hurtling through the blackness over the ocean – letting her go to the world, to follow her path – the moment which all parents prepare their children over the course of their childhood, with ever increasing responsibilities and trust until they board a plan alone to travel half-way across the world. I’ll feel better about all that after I learn she’s arrived safely.

I’ve added a link to Claire’s blog in the page navigation bar above for those that want to check in on her.

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