June 7, 2010 – Parfrey’s Glen

Another spot worth visiting was Parfrey’s Glen Natural Area – the first such declared area in the state because of unique and sensitive fauna and geologic features.

parfreys glen

The walk is about .7 miles and follows a small creek – as you walk along the broad open forest continually constricts.

parfreys glen

At the end, it’s a small rocky canyon and with a small waterfall.


The canyon held something for everyone (in our party). The cool, canyon walls provided shade for many interesting plants, among those, these liverworts Linda found fascinating.


FOr others in our party (me),  the walls showed off great geological formations, here a couple of bands of conglomerate (the rock layers made up of many small rocks.

Our last stop of the day was at the park chateau  which buts out into the lake for great views – the chateau also has an old-time wooden dance floor, much like the one in Luchenbach Texas.


We stayed at a B&B on a retired dairy farm.  This was an early morning view from a hayfield on the farm.

morning silo

Here’s “Lucky” a shaved collie who accompanied me on an early morning walk at no extra charge!

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