April 7, 2010 – Random Advertising Thoughts

What’s the deal with the cell phone commercials I saw during the NCAA tournament? I was especially struck with a commercial disparaging phones that were incapable of surfing the web while you talked on the phone.  So, if I’m understanding this correctly, first cell phones become ubiquitous and allow you to ignore those you are physically with while you talk with and text those out of your sight.  Now, with the new phones that allow you to surf the web while you talk, you can not only ignore those that you are with, you can also ignore those that you are talking to while you watch videos or make reservations!  This is a great country!

That brings us to the next thought – I’m not a marketing genius, but I think I could probably do better than the company that designed the following ad I grabbed off a web page.

I’m not sure the photograph and the text are a good match.  Perhaps the ad agency had a low budget for an image gallery and this photo was the best match for urging people to go back to school? Or I could be reading the ad incorrectly – just maybe the elderly gentleman’s name is Grant, and I can qualify to have him come live with me and take care of my children and household while I return to school?  Furthermore, I’m not sure that this guy would even stay alive through four year’s of college!

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