March 26, 2010 – Landscape Architecture Class Visit

This week we dragged about 24 members of the Ecological Design class in the Landscape Architecture program at Iowa State around the farm.

We held them hostage for about two hours, showing the various design and microclimate principles we’ve managed to implement on the farm. One interesting comment we received was that the farm was much smaller than they envisioned after visiting the blog and web site.  We attributed the mismatch in reality/perception was due to the fact that the farm is so diverse and has so many different small enterprises that it must be large to contain so much diversity.  But believe us, tending 7 acres intensively with the numbers of different crops we have, makes it seem like much more than 7 acres to us as well!

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March 24, 2010 – Soil Sampling

It’s time for some soil sampling.  Instead of the small little soil probe that comes with the kit, we decided to use the bulb planter, so we could easily get below the sod line for the pasture soil test.  This particular section of pasture has a thistle problem and I’ve read anecdotal evidence that calcium and ph can be conducive or not to thistle success.

So, off we go getting some samples.

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March 22, 2010 – Paul Simon and Ali Farokhmanesh – Separated at Birth?

Did anyone else notice the startling resemblance of new-found college basketball hero Ali Farokhmanesh and singer Paul Simon?

Ali (known as “Stroke” to his teammates) and the Northern Iowa Panthers shocked the college basketball world, when he hit the winning three-pointer in games against UNLV and Kansas, and brings his team to the sweet 16.  I’m sure there’s a nice spoof entitled “50 ways to beat a Jayhawk” just waiting to be produced, but I don’t have time for more than one verse:

Just shoot off the key, Ali
It’s all quite simple you see

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