March 14, 2010 – Maple Syruping Season Begins

We’re a little behind getting our taps in.  The weather warmed up rather suddenly and with the heavy overcast, has stayed relatively warm.  Good sap run happens when nighttime temperatures drop below freezing, but we haven’t had that for a while, nor is it in the forecast, but it was time to get the taps in.

Here Martin is drilling the hole in the tree in the front yard – our best producer.

Later in the day, he monitors the “mobile sugar shack” -this old woodstove on a small wagon, so we can move it around as needed, depending on the wind and precipitation.  We don’t end up with very much syrup because our setup is so small and we don’t have a lot of maple trees, so this size stove and pan work well enough.  But the syrup sure tastes good!  It is one item not for sale from high hopes gardens!

one year ago…”Spring Exploration”

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