March 7, 2010 – Real Life Marauder’s Map

For all you Harry Potter fans, here’s a real life marauder’s map!  This is the “Sprint Family Locator.”

It’s available on any computer or our cell phones. This shows on a map where two of our family members are at this particular time. The girls thought it was a bit creepy for us to be able to know where they always were, but it sure comes in handy for wondering when someone will be home for dinner, knowing when to pick them up from a sporting event in Fort Dodge or Mason City, or if Dad is still moving on his ride home from Des Moines on a slippery night.

You can even zoom in to a very detailed level to locate someone – on this photo, it looks like Linda might be in a greenhouse – shocking, I know! Best of all, it just costs $5.00 month. I wonder what the implications for law enforcement are regarding placing people at the scene of a crime with all these GPS enabled phones? I can get emails at times I request for locations of any family member. We have shared the password with the kids, so they could also see where we are at.  It gives them precious minutes to get the dishes done or boys out of the house when we are on our way home!

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