February 28, 2010 – Tank Delivers!

There indeed was a reason Tank was getting so very large – she was carrying three good-sized lambs!

katahdin ewe with lambs

Here she is with two of them trying to get some milk from momma – two females and one male.

hours old katahdin lamb

Here’s the third triplet, just hours after giving birth – Tank did it all on her 0wn – we went to the barn and the lambs were all delivered, but still wet.  So far, so good on these triplets – they all seem to be nursing and we hope they continue that was so we don’t end up with a bottle lamb.

one year ago…”Sheep Bling”

One thought on “February 28, 2010 – Tank Delivers!

  1. This was a great journal topic this morning! We showed the pictures to the kids and Martin shared a little about them. We came up with some very creative stories!

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