February 19, 2010 – Blog Meltdown

Oh so many days ago, I was presented with a simple choice and it turned out to be a mistake! I was uploading photos for the blog and was informed by Yahoo Web Hosting that I was out of room and would need to delete some items or upgrade my hosting package to the unlimited package that would “not affect your existing files or programs.” So I did – and immediately access to the blog was severely restricted, and available only for short periods of time. Over the course of a week and through 3-4 help desk people, the problem never was really resolved, so I underwent the process to move all the files and hosting to a new provider. I had recently changed my domain hosts for 4 parked domains I own after Yahoo suddenly stared charging $35/year instead of the $9. Now they are parked for less than $6/yr elsewhere.

one year ago…”Thingamajig Thursday #154″