January 15, 2010 – Winter Wonderland

The overnight delivered the perfect conditions for sharp, needle-like frost, known as hoarfrost.  The delicacy of this phenomena is in its fragility and inability or survive wind or sunshine – two common elements of winter.

farmhouse in frost

The house looked like a Christmas card.

hoarfrost on barbed wire

It added more barbs to a piece of barbed wire…

frosty pump handle, hoarfrost on pump handle

and added needles to this pump handle.

one year ago…”New Record Low at High Hopes Gardens”

4 thoughts on “January 15, 2010 – Winter Wonderland

  1. We have had the situation here in Rochester every morning since
    Sat and it is so thick the higher you get on the hill as I drive
    home. I don’t think I ever saw it so thick. WCCO has a photo
    of a spider web that was full of frost and it was beautiful.Mom

  2. The name for this frost is hoar frost or radiation frost! I looked it up to be sure. Linda B.

    I liked it too! Martin R.

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