December 9, 2009 – Storm of the Century?

Word from the weather service is that the current blizzard is the 2nd biggest in recorded history in the state of Iowa – not able to beat an 1880’s storm.  The criteria for “biggest” means the most snow over the widest area.  We’ve had bigger storms here on the farm in the last 13 years, but those storms were more localized than this one.  This storm left a wide swath of snow over a foot deep across most of the state.

The snowdrifts are almost over the fenceposts by the back pasture and buried a hay wagon.

The door to the chicken coop is pretty much drifted shut!  However, we’ve had much bigger drifts in previous years.  No school for two days for the kids – now that the winds are down to the 25 mph range and the blizzard warning has passed it is not nearly so blustery, but the temperatures are plunging below zero tonight.

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