December 2, 2009 – Emma’s Woodworking

Emma made a replacement in-counter cutting board for the house.  When we bought the house the pull-out board was in bad shape, so we just threw it out and used smaller counter-top cutting boards until Emma asked us what we wanted her to make in her wood shop class.  Without thinking long at all, we suggested a cutting board.

Here she is with the completed project.  Emma’s hutzpah comes through in this class as she is the only girl in wood shop class.

one year ago…”Bounce”

5 thoughts on “December 2, 2009 – Emma’s Woodworking

  1. that’s BEAUTIFUL. Great job! I assume you make it like you make a strip quilt? Put all the pieces together and then cut into strips and alternate them to create the pattern? Doesn’t matter–it’s beautiful!

  2. WOW!! It looks 3-D even in the picture. Happy to see that shop classes have not disappeared.

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