November 2, 2009 – Hog Barn Renovation Milestone

Today marks a major milestone in hog barn renovation.  One of our stated farm goals is to “maintain the architectural heritage of the area.”  To me, this means not automatically burning or tearing down old buildings and where possible to adapt them to creative re-use.

Here’s the hog barn at a place where it would have been torn down by many folks – no windows, major portions of the roof gone and what you can’t see from this photo – walls lilting at about a 15 degree angle.

hog barn renovation

Here’s the same building with a new roof, new windows and a modification to allow for an animal “porch” so we have more options in separating out animals and having shelter from rain and wind – the new porch faces south.  I still need to complete some trim, shore up parts of the building that were not rebuilt and where the white siding is, to put in a door.

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