November 1, 2009 – BBall and Music

Today was a day in Ames.  We went to see the first exhibition game of the year for last year’s Elite Eight Iowa State women’s basketball team.  The girls now have season tickets in the 2nd from the floor a few feet from center court thanks to a good friend.  After the game, it was a short walk next door to the Band Extravaganza to see a concert of the Iowa State symphonic, wind ensemble, jazz and marching bands.

This year’s ISU marching band is 329 members strong – 24 tubas alone!  It was a great sound to hear the band within the confines of an auditorium – no loudspeakers needed!  The girls were especially enthralled to watch a band an age level up as they are both in regular band and marching band and Claire plays keyboards in the jazz band.

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