October 17, 2009 – World Food Prize Youth Institute

The final day of the events centered around the youth delegates.  The students were split into groups of nine.

Here Claire is with her group, Ambassador Quinn, 2009 Laureate Dr. Gebisa Ejeta, and 2003 Laureate Catherine Bertini. Her group included students from Peru, Tanzania, Chicago and Iowa.

The students first met to present their papers to the other students and panel.  Claire’s panel included Laureate Catherine Bertini, 2003 Laureate.  The students answered questions from other students and then the panel of adults commented and asked questions on their research papers.

After the papers were presented, they chose a group leader, Claire in the case of her group to lead a session to pick common themes of all papers, a summary of which would be presented to the entire conference.

I must say it was a proud moment for me to get to see Claire represent her group and speak before a group of distinguished people, including past Laureates, ambassadors, heads of state, and scientists of worldwide distinction! If you have any doubts whether the younger generation has capable, caring, smart and eloquent young men and women, this group would certainly be one to look to!

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