October 10, 2009 – It’s Over (Growing Season)

The growing season ended last night.  The first hard freeze was accompanied by the earliest recorded one-inch snowfall in Des Moines.  We didn’t get an inch of snow here, but didn’t miss the freeze.

All in all it was an average year on the farm for crops, but much above average for comfort of the farmers, due to the cool weather.  A quick rundown of the growing season ups and downs follows:

It was a good year for…

Cool season crops (lettuce, spinach and relatives)

It was not a good year for…

Peaches (hard, cold winter and ice storm)
Peppers (too cool)
Tomatoes (too cool)

The good news is we still have some canned peaches left over from last year and made extra applesauce this year – that’s one of the beauties of having a diversified crop assemblage – chances are not everything will fail the same year.

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