August 17, 2009 – Goodbye to PowerShot A510

My faithful carry-around digital camera died this weekend.  Like an old car, it had acquired many quirks that should have sent it to the dust heap a while ago, but I was able to live with the defects.

Most of the problems dealt with the lens retraction.  I experienced the dreaded Canon E18 error on many occasions and was always able to fix it with a bit of pushing/pulling on the lens.  No more.

Although it’s not a sentient being and it’s rather anthropomorphic to asses human qualities to it – this little camera has in some degree been the lens through which my life, or at least the images I care to share, have been broadcast to friends, family, lurkers and random visitors.

The replacement camera will cost about the same as this one, but have 3x the megapixels, half the thickness and twice the viewfinder screen.

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