August 16, 2009 – Bean Trellis

Here’s another use for 16 foot cattle panels.

This is the top of a bean trellis – it’s just a cattle panel looped over kept in place with half a steel fence post on each side.  It always seems like a pain to get in during the spring rush, but this time of year, I always wish I had trellised more crops.  The picking and disease problems, especially during a wet year like this, are greatly less than the ground beans.

one year ago…”Moldy Hay”

2 thoughts on “August 16, 2009 – Bean Trellis

  1. I’ve got a question about using the cattle panel for your bean trellis – I read on my seed packet that a metal trellis can get too hot for the variety of beans I chose. It actually made it sound like all beans can be a bit delicate and a metal trellis isn’t ideal. I really had my heart set on creating a nice shady tunnel out of our beans so I wondered what your experience was with this. Have you had any problems?

  2. Julie – no problems at all – I’ve never noticed the trellis even hot to the touch – and even if so, the foliage shades the trellis. I was worried about a trellis against a metal shed facing west where I grow some hops and don’t even have trouble there, where I thought it much more likely. Plant those beans!

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