August 15, 2009 – Atlantic Whale Watching

More guest blogging from Emma…

I had the opportunity to go to the marine sanctuary outside of Boston to look for whales. We were fortunate enough to see around 6 whales.

A boat that was the exact same kind as the one we took.

The boat ride was very windy and I let down my hair and enjoyed the wind in my hair and the salt spray on my face.

We were lucky enough to see several whales feeding. The birds surround them and pick off fish that rise to the surface. The whales swim under the surface around the ocean and scare the fish to the top and get them there.

We had a truly beautiful sunset while on the boat ride. A humpback whale was kind enough to pose for this shot.

We were farther out enough not to see the city in the sunset.  A parting shot from the boat.

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